8 Different Tops And How To Wear Them

Fashion trends come and go, but the foundation of clothing remains unchanged. And no one can deny the fact that tops are the most liked clothing for every woman, no matter the type. But without variations, clothing would be boring? Therefore, designers worldwide introduce something new to the season after season or bring back something old by making it new. 


Apart from numerous trends, some trends are engraved into our cultures and wardrobes. Let’s have a look at the most trendy tops. However, there are many types of tops that are not easy to include here. But here you will get a few that you may like to have. 

The Appealing Crop Top

A crop top is also called a half-shirt, midriff top, belly shirt, etc. This top exposes the waist, navel, and abdomen. Crop tops are lighter to wear than full-length outfits, especially in the summer. These tops give you the way to show off your flawless body and be sexy. Petite girls look taller when they wear crop tops. It makes you feel like you have longer legs than the upper part of your body. Wearing such tops is very easy since you can experience different fashion styles for this outfit. If you have any confusion, let us guide you. 

How to wear crop tops?

  • For a casual run around the city, leggings and a crop top is the best combination to wear. If it is sunny outside, don’t forget the shades. 
  • In the wedding season, use your crop top as an Indian makeover by pairing them with your lehenga and then add statement-making jewelry.
  • Ditch the t-shirts with your denim. Pair them with something eye-catching as a crop top and finish the look with classic white footwear.
The Innovative Tube Top

The tube top is a tight-fitting strapless top, which is made of stretchy material. Back in the 70s, tube top was a popular fashion alternative. It is fair to say that tube tops were somewhat of a fashion hero, especially in hippie subcultures. In the 90s, they came back again. 

How to wear tube tops?

  • If you have noticed, tie-dyed tops have been a trend on social media. Recently many influencers and bloggers have matched them with their style. 
  • Wear it with a sleek blazer, and a pair of skinny trousers. Keep the buttons open or take the jacket over your shoulder. 
The Adhesive Tank Top

Tank tops come with racerback, which prevents them from slipping off your shoulders. They are an ideal choice for active days.

How to wear tank tops?

  • Want to give you a classic look? Wear your tank top with a pair of blue jeans and give you a finished look with a red lip. 
  •  If you are going for a trip, then a tank top is the one thing that is the perfect outfit tucked into straight-legged pants.  
  • Tank tops and sneakers are liked by many. 
The Charming Cami Top

Every lady loves camis. You can’t name a single woman with no cami in her wardrobe. From pajamas to jeans, cami tops make everything sexier. They have become popular, and everyone has accepted them as a piece of clothing to wear outside.

How to wear cami tops?

  • If you are going on a date with the guy you have been crushing on, we suggest a satin cami top that gives you a stunning look. If you like, you can match it with your most liked denim.
  •  To wear a casual winter outfit, you can try a turtleneck tee under your cami top to look put-together. 
  • For your office days, you can wear a cami top over a shirt. If you think it is a waste of time, try once and see how your colleagues throw a huge compliment.
The Fantastic Maxi Top

A maxi top is an informal ankle to floor-length dress. If it is hot outside, maxi tops are the perfect way to cover your legs and keep them out of the sun while being comfortable and airy. You must have seen your favorite celebs wearing longline tops. They are seasonless and can be worn in the summer heat as well as for the winter chill. 

How to wear maxi tops?

  • Pick the right combination of maxi tops and a pair of jeans for the perfect look. 
  • You can wear them with shorts for your dream beach outfit.
The Perfect Off -Shoulder Top

Off-shoulder tops have quickly become a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Shoulderless tops have a defined wide neckline that enhances the natural shape of any women’s or girl’s beautiful shoulder & neck area. 

How to wear off-shoulder tops?

  • Select a soft, breathable off-shoulder top and pair it with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a comfortable look. 
  • For warmer weather, pair your shoulderless dress with shorts. You can try high-waisted shorts with a cropped off-shoulder top. 
The Sportive Peplum Top

By design, peplum is a narrow fabric strip attached in a lightly gathered pattern at the waist of a woman’s blouse, jacket, skirt, etc. Peplum tops are the best choice for women with hourglass figures.

How to wear peplum tops?

  • The most stylish way to wear a peplum top is to pair it up with a pencil skirt.
  • Another elegant way you can try is to pair your top with a pair of narrow pants. 
  • Also, you can pair with tapered pants and skinny jeans. 
The Pleasing Tunic Top 

A tunic top is a long, loose-fitting shirt or sweater that completely covers the hips and bottom. You can wear this versatile garment in a variety of ways. These tops are longer than traditional shirts. By pairing them with a lean, skinny bottom, you can create a perfectly proportional outfit every time. 

How to wear tunic tops?

  • Choose a tunic top that compliments your figure. Pick a fabric, pattern, and neckline that matches your aesthetic. The hemline should go at your mid-thigh, and this length is ideal for showing off a few of your legs. 
  • Wear it with your favorite skinny jeans, cords or trousers, or even a pair of patterned or plain leggings.
  • Finish your look with a pair of boots, ballet flats, or heels. 

To sum it up, a top is a clothing item covering at least the chest but usually covers most of the upper body parts between the neck and the waistline. Above are the types of tops you can choose, or explore more with Unimod what you like.