An Ultimate Guide for The Summer Season

Despite the scorching heat that we have to endure the entire season, we all crave for summers. Summer season is the one when you can showcase all your fashion sense and take out the cute pair of shorts that you have been gawking at the entire winter season. Since the season is hot and humid, we obviously want our clothes to match the latest trends while being comfortable. It’s time to take out all your cute outfits and match them with the perfect bottom wear. In the summer season, denim is quite a nightmare, but we still prefer it because they have that perfect fit that we desire. For someone looking for an alternative to denim, we have a huge surprise for you. At Unimod, find the perfect bottom wear, which is an excellent alternative to denim and comes with an ideal fit. Another remarkable feature of our bottom wears is that you can choose from a wide range of colors. Our bottom wear range allows you to roam about comfortably and freely looking confident in your bottom wear and allows you to experiment with different looks with it from a typical Indian look to Western; you can choose for yourself.

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Things to Remember While You Shop This Summer Season

No girl can ever have enough clothes, and we do agree with your point, ladies. Every clothing item is meant for different occasions, and one can never have enough dresses for a particular event. In the summer season, it becomes essential to choose your outfits wisely, especially when it comes to bottom wear, as you cannot afford to roam about in uncomfortable bottom wear for the whole day. We have seen and have ourselves been out for the entire day in those uncomfortable types of denim. Uncomfortable clothes should be a big no-no when you are going out to an important event because you can never look confident if you are uncomfortable. As a clothing brand, it becomes our responsibility to provide you with the best and most comfortable clothing item. So, read through and find out how you can pick an ideal summer clothing item.

  1. Occasion:  As we have already said above that not every dress is perfect for every occasion, so even if your wardrobe is full of clothes, you might not have what you particularly need. Matching the blouses and top with perfect bottom wear is one hell of a task. You might have the ideal blouse for an evening, but you might miss on the perfect bottom wear that goes well with them or don't feel like pulling on denim in this hot summer season. For such times you can always go for comfortable yet stylish knit pants or straight pants available at Unimod that have a fantastic fit and give you great comfort at the same time.
  2. Silhouette: Another major factor that one needs to keep in their mind while they shop, especially bottom wear, is the silhouette. Have a good knowledge about what silhouette works best for you because a dress may look great on your friend but might not look good on you. Unimod has come up with a range of bottom wear that includes knit pants, straight pants, palazzo pants, and hot pants to avoid such problems. You can choose from these slim-fit trousers to wide open leg pants and enhance your body by wearing something that perfectly suits you.
  3. Colors: Yes, colors are meant to play with, but always keep in mind that color is something that you should play smartly with. Color blocking is the game of the season, and at Unimod, you can choose from a wide variety of colors. We have a vast color collection for all our bottom wear from our straight pants to our hot pants. We have every color that one may want, from neutrals colors like beige and brown to vibrant colors magenta and maroon. So, to make your closet more vibrant and to pair your favorite blouses with perfectly matched bottoms, visit Unimod today and get your hands on your favorite bottom wear. 

How to Pair Different Bottom Wears This Summer Season?

Palazzo Pants: You can be a real showstopper if you go with our solid colored palazzo pants, perfect for every event. As mentioned, palazzo pants give you that picture-perfect look even when you go for a casual look or dress up for an elegant occasion. Palazzo pants are the savior for the summer season. Our latest palazzo pants are a sweet combination of comfort and elegance packed together.

  • For the casual home look, you can pair up your palazzo pants with the basic tee.
  • To create a party look, pair up your palazzo with any bralette and add a blazer to your outfit, and you are good to go and be the showstopper for the event.
  • You can also pair our palazzo pants with any Indian ethnic kurta.
  • For that boho beach look, add any sleeve cut blouse and minimal jewelry with palazzo pants.


Straight Slim-fit Pants: You already know what role a classic slim-fit straight pant plays in your closet. You will never find someone who doesn't love this absolute classic clothing item, as it is everyone's go-to bottom wear. You can never go wrong with them, and this is not something that we say, but it is a universally acclaimed stylish piece of clothing item.

  • For a fancy evening, pair up your slim-fit straight pants with a crop top and add a blazer to that smart look. 
  • For creating the perfect college look, pair up these straight pants with a basic tee or even a bustier top, and you are ready to be the fashion icon of your college.
  • For a chic yet stylish look, for days when you have to go out with your friends, pair up these pants with an off-shoulder crop or even a shirt.
  • You can also pair up these straight pants with any matching colored kurta.


Knit Pants: Regardless of the season, we all need comfort, right? What better than a knit pant that comes in a wide color range and comes in cotton fabric. Style up your fashion game by adding these comfortable yet trendy pants to your closet today. Known for their fit, you can also find them as an excellent replacement for your denim.

  • Pair up these pants with a sporty tank tee and get the perfect gym look.
  • Pair these jeggings in cotton fabric with any top for your casual meet-ups.
  • Pair this versatile piece of clothing with different kurtas.
  • You may also pair up these pants with any office wear top and achieve the office look.


Hot Pants: You may undoubtedly love the winter season, but deep inside, you wait for summer seasons so that you can create every other cool look with the hot pants or also known as shorts. Hot pants make an excellent choice for the summer season. You can achieve a beach look as well as a casual look with this perfect summer cloth.

  • Pair up with a crop top for the perfect beach look.
  • Pair up with basic t-shirts or tee for a casual look.
Get an ideal bottom wear today by ordering from the range of bottom wear available at Unimod.