Unimod believes in radical transparency so that you know where your favorite dresses are manufactured, the costs of production and acknowledge your queries.

Know Where Your Designs Are Created
You have the complete right to know where the factories are set up and from where the high quality European fashion is created. The dresses & accessories in our collection are crafted by some of the best European designers. Our state-of-the-art factories have modern and hi-tech equipments and boasts of well-skilled and talented professionals.
Know the Cost of Production
At Unimod, the cost of production is same as the price that is displayed for the products. We bring you the latest European fashion at cost-effective rates by eliminating the middlemen in the supply chain. You get high-street fashion without having to dig a hole in your wallet as we purge the expenses related to maintenance of a brick and mortar store so that the savings can be passed on to you.
Know Your Queries
We always challenge the customary limits so that you can attain maximum satisfaction. Our brand culture and relentless pursuit to provide you the best from the fashion world make us scrutinize our business decisions at every step. We acknowledge the fact that our customers are rebels and can have multiple questions; so our products and choices are made in accordance to that.