A Mini-Guide On How To Select Bottom Wear According To Your Shape

You can enhance your look by choosing the perfect clothing item. Now when we say a perfect clothing item, we not only mean a dress that looks great by appearance but here we are also talking about color, silhouette, fabric, and the way you will style it. Everyone's taste differs when it comes to fashion. One should always choose a dress only if they are comfortable with it and not because a famous celebrity was wearing it. Comfort is the most important factor that one should look at. At Unimod, we have designed all our bottom wear, keeping in mind your comfort. We know how irritating and awkward one can get when not in comfortable clothes. With our wide variety of bottom wear, you can create any desired look when paired up with the perfect top or blouse. How you look depends on what you are wearing, so make sure you always go for clothes that enhance your body's good features.

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At Unimod, we have bottom wear from slim-fit pants to wide open palazzo pants. We have a variety of bottom wear, and thus you can choose accordingly. You may go for the bottom wear that fits you perfectly, and the one you know will enhance your outfit. Our best advice to all our valued customers is that they should always opt for a particular clothing item only if that suits their body type. Please go through our mini-guide to choose perfect bottom wear according to their shape and size.

  1. For someone who is tall and slender: There is nothing you cannot wear, everything goes perfect for you, and you undoubtedly are a lucky lady. You can choose anything from our bottom wear collection: straight pants, knit pants, palazzo pants, or hot pants. All these bottom wear can amp up your look whether you pair up the straight pants with basic tees or palazzos with a cami crop top. You are likely to steal the show's thunder.
  2. For someone who is short: You can choose to go with pants that are not too fit; always remember to avoid straight slim-fit pants. You can look great with our latest palazzo pants that are wide open at the legs. We would highly recommend you to choose some bold colors from our collection. Hot pants can also be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for casual wear. Our hot pants are great for leisurewear when you plan to go out on vacation.
  3. Short waist: Having a short waist usually means that you have long legs, and they surely need to be highlighted. Slim-fit pants are an excellent choice for you and will also enhance your body type. You can also go for our knit pants as well as shorts as these clothing items will surely enhance your beautiful long legs.
  4. Wide body: If you have a wider lower body part, then your go-to bottom wear should be straight pants or knit pants. You are good to go with every other color if you choose the perfect kind of bottom wear. Choose pants that are straight and with a clean silhouette. You may pair up our straight pants or knit pants with tops, blazers, camis, and crop top.
  5. An apple shaped body: Remember that straight pants always draw attention to your waist. This is something that you surely don't want, so if you have an apple-shaped body, we would highly recommend you to go with our latest range of palazzo pants available in different colors. The pro tip for you is to avoid skinny, slim-fit pants and go for something like palazzo pants.
  6. A pear shaped body:  Since you have a heavy lower body part, you should ignore straight slim-fit pants and go for something like palazzo pants. You can add the correct amount of jewelry to draw attention. You can choose to go with our solid color of palazzo pants wide open at the legs.
  7. A rectangular body shape: Since such people do not have natural curves, one should create them. If you want to have the hourglass shape, we recommend you go for our latest straight slim-fit pants. These pants will surely bring curves to your body that you lack naturally. You can also go for our hot pants and knit pants.
  8. An hourglass shape: You already have curves, so all you need to do is highlight them. For people who have the perfect hourglass shape, they need to draw attention to their ideal waist. Such people should avoid baggy clothing like palazzo pants and instead go for straight slim-fit pants, knit pants, and hot pants. Remember that baggy clothes will not only damage your entire personality, but it will also hide your beautiful waist.
We hope this mini-guide helped you choose ideal bottom wear for yourself. At Unimod, you can purchase all these bottom wear at a very reasonable price. Along with being budget-friendly, Unimod assures you of the best quality of their products. Be as trendy as you want with our latest collection of stylish yet comfortable bottom wear.